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     Q: With the new wireless technologies, do I really need to prewire my home?

A:   Silver Screen & Sound offers cutting edge wireless solutions, but wires still provide faster speeds and offer more    

      options for future upgrades. Since many technologies still require wires to function, we offer dozens of prewire options

      for your specific needs.

      Q: I already own some media equipment. Can I use it?

A:   Our new system provides you with: (1) State-of-the-art products tested for compatibility, (2) Equipment on which we

      are trained, and (3) Equipment with new warranties. We can evaluate existing equipment, but these could introduce
      compatibility issues, which translates to more time and labor.

      Q: What is the right size screen for my room or theater?

A:   There used to be guidelines to match screen size with the best seating distance. That was to minimize visible lines
       (or pixels) in the picture. With new ultra high definition 4K projectors and flat screen TV’s, you can sit as close as you
       want and still see a crisp, clear picture. We routinely replace 40 inch TV's with new 70 to 85 inch flat screens and our 

       dedicated theaters feature screens of 120 to more than 160 inches!

     Q: Will the system be easy to use?

A:   We custom program your controls to simplify what admittedly can be complex operations!  For example, you could

       press a “Watch TV” button that will: (1) Turn on all equipment, (2) Select the proper input, (3) Pick the best surround
       mode, (4) Tune to your favorite channel, and (5) Dim the lights.

    Q: How many speakers do I need for surround sound?


A:   Today’s ultra thin TV’s don't come with decent speakers. That's why we recommend in-wall speakers or at least a high
      performance sound bar
that can simulate surround sound. More speakers make even a small room sound much larger.
      Our media room and dedicated theater designs recommend a minimum of five speakers and a subwoofer. If it's the
      ultimate high performance surround sound that you seek, our design of 15 (or more) 
speakers plus multiple subwoofers
      rivals what you'll find in the best commercial theaters.

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